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Eastholme Home for the Aged   
62 Big Bend Ave.   
Powassan, ON. 
P0H 1Z0  
(705) 724-2005  
Email: info@eastholme.ca


 Board of Management for the District of Parry Sound East

Jim Coleman, Chairman   Village of South River
George Sterling   Township of Ryerson
Tom Piper   Township of Nipissing
Bruce Campbell   Municipality of Magnetawan
Dave Britton   Municipality of Powassan
Ginger Forsayeth   Public Member, Sundridge
Gail MacGregor   Public Member, Callander




Natalie Bellehumeur


Dr. Derek Ng

  Medical Director
Dr. Rebecca King   Attending Physician
Donna Mae Robins   Director of Administrative Services
Shelley Reichstein   Coordinator of Resident Services
Kathryn MacDonald   Director of Nursing and Personal Care
Phil Collett   Manager of Environmental Services
Kim Lepine   Manager of Food and Nutrition
Karen McLaren   Assistant Dietary Supervisor
Emily Taylor   Registered Dietitian
Barb Caicco   Director of Recreation & Therapy Services


History and Funding

Eastholme opened in November 1967 with 74 beds and was renovated in 1987 with the addition of a third floor.  In March 2001 a new addition for 30 new long-term care beds was completed and an additional 24 new beds were added in November 2004 to bring the total number of long-term care beds to128. As well, the original 74 beds were redeveloped to the new design standards from 2002 to 2004.  Eastholme is now a Category “A” home meeting the new design standards of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

Eastholme operates under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007. The Home is vested in a seven member Board of Management. Five members are appointed by the fourteen participating municipalities in the District of Parry Sound (East) and two members are appointed by the Province.

Support for Eastholme has been provided by the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) and the Government of Ontario.

Funding is also provided by a municipal levy which is apportioned to the following 14 Municipalities in the District of Parry Sound (East) .




Board of Management for the District of Parry Sound East


Municipality of Powassan

Municipality of Callander

Township of Nipissing

Village of South River

Village of Sundridge

Township of Machar

Township of Joly

Municipality of Magnetawan

Township of Strong

Village of Burk’s Falls

Township of Armour

Town of Kearney

Township of Perry

Township of Ryerson